Reading the City is a project which aims to share a passion for stories. This project is currently in a very initial alpha stage. Thanks for joining us on this literal journey.

Growing up, whenever we would go on vacation, my father would explain to us the history of where we stood. Without fail, as we would take a break and rest our feet at a coffee shop, he would grab the closest napkin and map out the city for us to better understand why and how it came to be the way it was today. He could turn any city into an endless curiosity.

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After moving to Berlin and traveling to multiple cities in Europe, I wished my father could guide me through my trips like he did when I was younger. My father and exceptional storyteller, Gabriel Feld, has written nearly all of the City Notes, which are republished here from a previous blog he had. This project aims to document these stories so others can experience them, while introducing new ones guided through novels.

Have recommendations for books? Want to see recommendations for a specific city? Let us know!